Third Person Me

We follow others for one reason or many. Here there are many. A good man is first among equals. A fine poet and a worthy man may speak for all. These words from such a one touch me deeply.

Poesy plus Polemics

"Growing Old Together" Painting by Terry Holliday From “Growing Old Together”
Painting by Terry Holliday

he was born into critical interstice
between nations at war his placenta
engorged with blood of both camps
blessed with few things material
heir to a fortune of honesty labor
integrity hunger for literate thought
deep affection for family respect for
all manner and races of neighbors
affirmed ingrained sense of reliance
on bootstraps possessed of responsible
virtues accepting all outcomes their
consequence solely belongs to his hand
allegiance to flag undiminished by
conflict of cultural pride in his ancestry
all of these treasures enriched by his
humble pursuit of a catholic grace

here is an old man in grief of his youth
a good man embarrassed by evident
flaws silent pensive by nature in grip
of an impulse to suddenly speak all
his words before time halts his voice
and so he writes poetry wraps it in
books in the…

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