Wee Lassies’ Army…cooking with gas

It goes on,

Don’t let the facts get in the way

Of a story,

Resurrect the ogre,

Perpetuate the myth,

Decreed from history, told long ago,

Those fucking Scots, how very dare they,

Spin the stories,

Let’s just take the piss.


Imagine, how they dare,

Can you believe it,

Pretenders to the power,

Tin pot clans,

Might succeed in being somewhat pivotal in the ‘minster,

Well, fuck that joke, boys,

Something’s out of hand.

Tactical shall be the new way forward,

Vote for us – or enemy – now friend,

Let’s thwart the mighty minions

North of the border,

God forbid the union ever ends.

Rehash that tag, all ‘Better Together’,

You know the one, where we’re all family,

Make some empty promises and threaten,

Talk the talk but let’s not walk it,

Let’s not support what stands for democracy.

Let’s forget that maybe

They can read some,

Don’t hunt haggis with the heather up their kilts,

Don’t decorate the fronts of tins of shortbread,

Let’s keep on prodding till they’ve had it to the hilt.

I’ll scratch you up if you will scratch me,

I’ll grease your palms, I’ll even rub you down,

Just keep those SNP and that ‘wee lassie with a tin helmet,

Out of fair old, mighty London town.

We’ll crack some racist jokes, those Jocks can take it,

A hardy crew with wind blown up their arse,

We’ll blow a bit some more cause we’re all blawhards,

Let’s preach the poisoned politics of farce.

We’ll run a smear campaign,

But keep on with the mantra,

Blah, blah, blah and blah, blah, blah and Them

We’re all one nation, blah, blah, blah,

Well, of course, we are

If in nothing else, in name.

Could it be that some facts may be missing,

That anything to left just can’t be right,

That every other party joined in union

Are feart to speak some sense, so just talk shite.

http://politicalcompass.org/ 2015

It’s no secret that I voted Yes in the referendum for Scottish Independence in September of last year. Around 45% of the populace did. 55% did not. Whatever their reasons for voting No, democracy was seen to be served. More or less.

Immediately after the referendum, and since then, membership of the Scottish National Party has swelled. The popularity of the once favoured Labour Party here in Scotland has plummeted.

Where once Labour represented people who cared for a fairer and more just society, it has become almost indistinguishable from the Conservative Party, political pioneers of the ‘I’m alright Jack’ club.

Labour lost all credibility to many voters when they made a pact with the Tories and Lib Dems to help keep the union together no matter the consequences to the people and ideology they purported to represent.

This, together with their ongoing self-sabotage, while attempting to pursue self-preservation, has made them a joke in many parts of Scotland. And elsewhere.

There is, according to current polls, the distinct possibility that the SNP will take the vast majority of seats here in Scotland sending, according to some polls, in excess of 50 MP’s to Westminster out of a possible 59 allocated. Seats that Labour were complacent about, sure forever of their strength here. Cock-sure, you might say.

Losing so many seats to the SNP would be an affront to them and impact on whatever position they may hope to hold in central government. Either in power or as the main opposition party.

The major parties are in a shambles, trying to cobble together ‘what if’ scenarios, making for some strange bedfellow combinations. At least, in name. Not perhaps so strange when their political compass is identified.

Perhaps the, yet again, negative scaremongering that abounds comes more from the fact that SNP are left of centre in their politics rather than the fact that they still threaten the union.

But let’s feed the masses what fuels the fire.

Perhaps no one will notice.

We might even get to keep the status quo.


And we all know where that leads us.

Right, right, right again, straight ahead and saluting authority and austerity at every right turn.

It’s all in the name, you see. The name of the game.

If you’re interested in knowing your own political compass the test can be taken here.


Apart from offering revealing insights into your own place on the map it makes for interesting viewing of some other countries.

You might not vote.

Why bother?

All the same.

All the part of the game.

 Just a name.

Till you find your aim.

wee lassies army 080

A wee lassie with a tin helmet?


How very fucking dare they!

Lassies' Army 048Anna

This is a wee lassie with a tin helmet.

My wee lassie.

I’m not fighting for Scotland as an entity over all others. I’m fighting for justice and freedom from right wing authoritarianism. I don’t care what you call the parties. The only parties I’m interested in are all the wee lassies and lads. From wherever they hail. Party enough for me. And, by the gods, I’ll party when we have a government that’s for the people, serves the people and has aspirations beyond self-serving agendas.

Find your political compass.

Vote with that. At least let it be from your heart.

Mums, dads, anyone who gives a shit, find your compass. And, for fuck’s sake, vote with that. At least let it be because you know and not because you believe what you are told.

You want to talk tin hats, India!! America!  Australia! Canada! New Zealand! The E fucking U!

Don’t tell me that we have democracy as it was ever once envisaged. Left to right and every which way. THEY, not you or I, name the game.

My pot’s on. Such as it is. It is not THEIR world. It’s OURS! Pots and pans and weans. Wee lassies? I don’t think so.

Lads, today, you’re lassies! Tomorrow, we’re all people. All cooking with gas. Blaw that up yer kilt!






6 thoughts on “Wee Lassies’ Army…cooking with gas”

  1. Now wait a minute momus, there is a big difference in the parties over here….the parties names are all spelt different 😀
    But you are right, the bullshit smells just as powerful upstream or downstream. And as for a compass, it’s the blind leading the blind 🙂
    I come back to my little comment from ages ago….when they allow us to vote (say every 6 months) on a list of goodies they are trying to get implemented (with no add ons or changes unless it comes back for our vote), then I’ll be a happy chappy. I for one do not mind putting in a bit of effort to share in running my country.
    And because there is no ‘money under the table’ the rats will desert the ship, big business will get on with running their business (and not parliament), and the country will begin to see the changes that it deserves, not what is forced onto us.
    Mmm, I might have to get back onto doing that site I was talking about momus, you’ve got me going again 🙂

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    1. Something’s got to give, Mark. The whole world, it would seem, is being run by and for one section of society. Credible opposition is dismantled by a media intent on supporting the staus quo. Feeding us shite and hoping we swallow it. I’m gagging. Every day moreso. And I’m praying that a lot more of us are. Whatever you have in mind, go for it!

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  2. our political philosophies may collide – but citizenship demands one act/vote out of cogent principles held and heartfelt – you, dear lady, are exquisite example – if all voters were similarly informed and driven – democracy would be all the better for it

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  3. Many thanks, Paul. I’m by no means as well informed as I could/should be but I do try not to take everything at face value when it comes to politics and research till I have as much info as my brain can handle without going into overload. There’s too much at stake to leave it all to chance. And politicians. Same differnce maybe.

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  4. I did the test, very interesting. I ended up in the same boat at Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, good company I think. Now I get why you have a pot on your head. Peace & Love to all, even if they didn’t get why the vote was important or learn the issues.

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    1. You’ll meet all my family in that boat! Although one is so far left and libertarian she swims along outside the chart. The vote has yet to come and I’m praying for the results. The whole country needs a pot on its head. :/

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