Salt Talks

Flavour gone from food when salt is missing,

Famine, feast or fast, it’s all the same,

Every morsel merely for nutrition,

Tasteless platters, menu’s not to blame.

Appetising entrees through to crackers,

Each and every course that looks a sight,

None appeal, untested, quite unwilling,

No temptation for a single bite.

Tasted years ago and though they looked fine,

Appealing on the card and on the plate,

Every bite partaken minus salt mine,

Nothing short of tasteless, ain’t that great,

Fancy restaurants and all those chefs there

Offering hors d’oeuvres and the rest,

Couldn’t tempt, not even little nibble,

Salted tried and salted tasted best.

Salted slightly, not to overdosing,

Just right, she said, when trying three bowls full,

Rejected others, liked her porridge full and fulsome,

Who requests or likes diluted gruel.

Flavour gone from food when salt is absent,

A dose or two, my appetite is grand,

I carry salt, for luck, across my shoulder

And for taste because, without it, life is bland.



There are people I remember who have gone,

Memory retains,

They’re alive inside my heartbeat,

They remain.

There are voices I still hear, though they’re silent,

Ears still hear,

Words, once spoken, unforgotten,

Keep their presence near.

There was lostness and confusion in their parting

When they left,

More than sadness, sorrow,

Never seen again, bereft,

But hope remains, reunion,

Though the parting of the ways,

In loving words and thoughts they live,

Retained, connection stays.

Toddlers’ Steps

All part of the journey,

tiny steps,

toddled steps,

reaching, wond’ring, touching, tumbling,

tentative steps, tiny steps,

falling down and bumping

and rising once again,

toddlers’ steps, the learning ones,

very little steps.


Frustrated tears and tantrums,

cautious steps,

toddled steps,

discovery in action,

wondrous steps, toaty steps,

letting go and trusting with some traction found and then

little steps, keep travelling,

very little steps.


Forwards, backwards, sideways, standing,

smiling, crying, up aspiring,

bumpy steps, toddlers’ steps,

fingers flailing, clutching, prising,

stumbling, reaching, failing, rising

step by step, step by step,

little butts keep tumbling, bouncing on and up,

teeny, tiny, teaching little steps.


perseverance, motion upright, two-step struggle, backwards,

forwards, ever onwards, sometimes upwards,

trying, failing, hurting, crying, immobilised, afraid,

still trying, trusting, seeing, wailing, weeping,

tempers, tantrums, dismayed and greeting,

pulling socks up, tying laces, ready, steady,

balance handy,

tiny little steps.


Eyes on loving arms outreaching,

smiling steps, trusting steps,

supporting, cheering, gaze unwaver’d

encouraged steps, building steps,

loving trust and confidence from others on the way,

little steps, the needed ones,

all important steps.


Striding out with self-assurance,

tiny steps,

toddled steps,

reaching for all promise,

swaying steps, bipedalled steps,

steps along the journey never really change their gait,

growth and progress toddle on,

determined toddlers’ steps.