Been A While

It can take a while

to create a brand new normal,

A while that could be days

or months

or maybe even years,

Could be that it might be,

could take,

might take,


A while it takes,


seems forever,

eternal whiles

to normalise new ways.

Sanctifying Sorceress

She’ll kiss away all contours,

frowns that mar the landscape,

life criss-crosses

from the crossroads formed,

this visage,

evening tones,

enhance as twilight,

banish petrified

with wave of hand passed over,

deliver, she is heard

amid the rushes,

sighing breath

temperate to risen blood,

quell beats

anon to death,

a sister, wife, a mother,

full-bosomed pillow cloud,

inducing coma, deep,

sanctifying sorceress,

breath of life,

banish wakefulness,

to sleep.