Ink And Scrub

I’m working

while I’m writing

while I’m cleaning

while I’m thinking

while I’m musing


gloves on hands,

meditating mental

while manual ablutions,

pen and cleaners

right brain, left brain

back and forth,

dibble, dabble,

ink and scrub,

Ain’t multitasking grand!


7 thoughts on “Ink And Scrub”

    1. Never quite made it round the whole house, Cole, but bits of it are sparkling. I’m squinting at other rooms now and working up to another marathon session. I actually quite like spring-cleaning! Especially with coffee breaks and pens. 🙂


      1. I don’t mind the cleaning either- but it’s hard to gear up for a full-on spring clean when the temperature has dropped back down well below zero. I need some flowers and the evidence of some sort of greening of the world before I can truly commit. xo

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