Nascent Temptress

Yves at Mindlovemiserysmenagerie has invited poets to contribute to the prompt ‘Vernalagnia – the romantic mood heralded by spring’.

This is mine.


 Daffodil in bud


lick of lips anticipates

coy kiss, soft purse, 

a pout of parting, promise

still to come,

a sideways glance, budding

hope, emergent

another lick,

more conscious, now


Well-slept sap arisen, bubbling, brewing, plump’d provocation, 

scented breathlessness,

poised, lush,


Spring of step, eyes shutter, wider, flicker,

flash of iris, flagg’d arousal,

flirtatious kiss, grown deeper,

nascent temptress.


Iris in bloom


7 thoughts on “Nascent Temptress”

  1. This is lovely with so many vivid and provocative images……you use alliteration to such good purposes to create the sense of connection with the Iris and I love that last line.


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