Safety Net Optional

I never ‘got’ the the circus,

Never got the fascination,

Big tops and clowns,

Never got why waving chairs at lions

Held a crowd.

I never got, the one time I went,

Why trapeze artistes would associate

With such,

The smells, the noise,

Those clowns.

Rather fly high,


Touch the sky,

Leap into oblivion,

Risk the fall,

Dare to dive,

Feel the air rush past,

Reach for hands,


Upon touch,

Safety net optional.

I got the trapeze.

Always will.




5 thoughts on “Safety Net Optional”

  1. Beautifully put – and, yes, I get your point: two extremes, the free and the blind, held amused by what they are ‘expected’ to enjoy.
    I’ve found another political slant here!

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    1. Shit! I’m doing it subconsciously now. There was no politics intended. I seriously need to get a grip, some light amusement and my head into the clouds again. I’ll be burnt out before the 8th of May at this rate. Right, I’m off to write a piece of fluff. See if I can keep politics out of it. Wish me luck. 🙂

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      1. Of course it could just be me looking for a sane voice amongst all the drivel and lies that abound during these periods of self-promotion. As you say, a bit of fluffy nonsense is called for.
        All the best!

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