This started off as one thing and ended as quite another. I’m afraid I have politics on the brain  – even when I’m trying to be romantic!

Halfway to our destination,

Chances still to meet,

Ticket ride from separation,

Journey at our feet.

Risk of worth to end frustration,

Ready for the heat,

Central hope of consummation,

Halfway to replete.


Come, silence not the words when words are needing,

Nor empty self into the dark abyss,

Void of comfort, empty of all meaning,

Why throw away all chances by remiss.

Come fill, at spring, your cup to overflowing,

Chilled, refreshed by waters from on high,

Crystal bounty, clarity in knowing

Source at summit, worthy risk to try.

Come see the lights that shine upon not under,

Bask in starlight, beauteous to behold,

Feet to path, hands breaking rocks asunder,

Words may be the actions of some bold.

Who can know the value of the footsteps

Or words, as water, falling from your lips.



Without Us

The echo of a dream still sounds,

I stand alone, the world turns round,

Without us.

There’s no one left

But me, bereft,

Without us.

The sky so blue with height astounding,

Sweet clean air, green grass, surrounding,

Without us.

Silence deafens, no birds in flight,

An emptiness as cold as night,

Without us.

And I’m stood there, quite all alone,

A lonely beauty now my home

Without us.

A hellish dream, to be apart

Amid such glory, there’s no heart

Without us.

Such hollow sight though stunning seen,

Nightmarish, really, sort of scene,

Without us.

I chose life when sound was heard,

Arise, it said, an awesome word,

We’re here. 

Nascent Temptress

Yves at Mindlovemiserysmenagerie has invited poets to contribute to the prompt ‘Vernalagnia – the romantic mood heralded by spring’.

This is mine.


 Daffodil in bud


lick of lips anticipates

coy kiss, soft purse, 

a pout of parting, promise

still to come,

a sideways glance, budding

hope, emergent

another lick,

more conscious, now


Well-slept sap arisen, bubbling, brewing, plump’d provocation, 

scented breathlessness,

poised, lush,


Spring of step, eyes shutter, wider, flicker,

flash of iris, flagg’d arousal,

flirtatious kiss, grown deeper,

nascent temptress.


Iris in bloom


Ink And Scrub

I’m working

while I’m writing

while I’m cleaning

while I’m thinking

while I’m musing


gloves on hands,

meditating mental

while manual ablutions,

pen and cleaners

right brain, left brain

back and forth,

dibble, dabble,

ink and scrub,

Ain’t multitasking grand!


Brief Pause for Lost Cause

More care to give than I can give

I cannot,

A pause on lifeline of lost cause,

Regrets, mourned in passing

Demise, Ah poor fate,

Dead loss, god rest it, unpause.

Interred by own hand,

DNR’d, by request,

CPR, though offered, refused,

Cannot care more than dead loss for itself,

Paused briefly, now go on,

Cause choose.