Carrying Perceptions And Other Stuff

The Daily Post invites see yourself through a different set of eyes.

I know I won’t be the only person who has ever been described in conflicting terms by different people depending on the circumstances of acquaintance. It amuses me that there can be such wide discrepancy in appraisal born of just those circumstances. I know I have done it of others.

When I read the Daily Post’s invitation it got me to thinking about some recent remarks and some older ones that people have made of me and how they have viewed me. There is a bit of my own appraisal in this too.

I would encourage anyone to think along the lines described in the link above. It raised a smile with me and challenged how to express their thoughts in my own words. Albeit only a few of the perceptions and appraisals freely given.

What does she carry in that bag

As hands describe the air or a fish,

Dangled earrings keeping time with her hair.

Is there someone inside the weight of that bag,

Rummaging through for everything anyone might need,

Though always at the bottom,

Necessitating constant search,

Blind hands feel, find best.

Why do her hands move when her lips are open

Yet slow with silence,

Uncommunicative, if hurt

Or laid back.

Only to rummage again,

Feeling, finding pens, paper.

Always pens, paper,


And hands.


And that bag.