Resting Awhile

rest awhile with us far-off companion,

ford the rivers, valleys, heaven’s views,

rest awhile in garden, once of anguish,

rest awhile with us, we’ll rest with you.

turn again to us, far-off companion,

turn again to us, we turn to you,

though earth may stop for time to catch the moment,

it turns again, rotates as if anew.

believe in us again, far-off companion,

we believe in love as you confessed,

naught but love believes nor acts so kindly,

belief in love enacted, gently blessed.

rest awhile in garden, olives birthing,

budding life, reborn from winter’s death,

quiet in the garden, there we rested,

unbeknown of love till heaven’s test.


Under Archons

Rights and responsibilities. Take them or leave them – not one without the other.

Poesy plus Polemics

Archon Basileus From the East Frieze of the Parthenon Archon Basileus
From the East Frieze of the Parthenon

men great and small will hold titles
but the salient fact of democracies
is that no one shall arrogate powers
sufficient to squander the will of the many
we invented republics to stabilize
disparate motives we built the efficient
mechanics to sublimate dangerous
impulses raised up sound frameworks
whose functions may give of a prosperous
civics respective of commonweal needs

where then and when did we fail
ourselves turning away from self-rule
leaving all the hard work and rewards
to a band of self-interested ideologues
who would rather bring grandeur to ruin
than serve the Vox Populi following rules
that depersonalize fluid governing
powers invested in laws not in men

more crucially why did we fail the
sparked prescient uniquely enlightened
scheme penned by remarkable founders
in doing so we have perforce placed each
yet unborn soul in the palms of…

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