Dots Connected

I’m honoured to reblog a poem written for me by a fellow blogger. Stars connected in the firmament – dot to dot – it all makes sense. With grateful thanks.

The Uncertainty Principle

A star twinkles, beautiful they see…
So far, unfathomable by thee…
Closer you go, the fire it burns…
Giving the soothing light…
While its heart and mind, ablaze in turns.

Constellations form, light years away…
Jock Tamson’s Bairn, always have a way…
Dots are spotted, among billions they say…
Sense injected, into randomness at play…
Stars connected happy and gay.

Constellation was incomplete, a star missing…
Scottish it was, humanity sipping…
Magical hands, wit at its best…
Writes she when, swells the pen’s chest…
Words shared together, the search came to rest.

Happy she was, sad she felt…
A teacher a mother, in her all the goodness dwelt…
Light she radiates, heat she suffer…
Soon the wind blows, cools the burning mother…
And with constellation complete, its time for supper.

Written for a beautiful blogger whose words never fail to impress and inspire. Thank you @scottishmomus ( I still have…

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The One Who

Whose hands may be the ones to be allowed

to mould and shape,

mould and shape,

caress, with loving fingertips,

those fingertips, caress so fine,

fine fingertips,

whose hands.

Whose lips may whisper soft encouragement,

encouragement, so soft,

so soft, it melts,

melts and flows,

liquid bounty from whose lips,

softest lips, words so soft,

whose lips.

Whose eyes may gaze intently, seeing all, revealing all,

revealed the soul,

soul revealed,

soul to soul,

mirrored soul,

whose eyes.

Whose essence, unconcealed, mingles with, 

mingles, floods,

floods all between,

becomes the one,

the knowing one,

the other side of you.

Whose essence.





thank you just the same,

to run the race

to be the breeze

to feel the wind beneath the feet

through hair.


not requested

from anyone

to be

the being

born to be spirit

with the air.

Validation unrequired,

thank you just the same,

no permissions necessary

to be.