The One Who

Whose hands may be the ones to be allowed

to mould and shape,

mould and shape,

caress, with loving fingertips,

those fingertips, caress so fine,

fine fingertips,

whose hands.

Whose lips may whisper soft encouragement,

encouragement, so soft,

so soft, it melts,

melts and flows,

liquid bounty from whose lips,

softest lips, words so soft,

whose lips.

Whose eyes may gaze intently, seeing all, revealing all,

revealed the soul,

soul revealed,

soul to soul,

mirrored soul,

whose eyes.

Whose essence, unconcealed, mingles with, 

mingles, floods,

floods all between,

becomes the one,

the knowing one,

the other side of you.

Whose essence.


10 thoughts on “The One Who”

  1. Thank you, Kate. Most times I can’t help but rhyme then along come words that plant themselves where they want to be. I don’t argue with them. 🙂


  2. Your words takes the reader to a wonderful ride where honest emotions dwell. An absolute delight to read such an awesome work 🙂
    Also, you might want to visit my blog to see the latest post 😉

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    1. I don’t know what I did today to deserve your praise and the honour of being written for but I am truly thankful for whatever it was. You have humbled me and elevated me all at once. Put me in a place I needed to be after a difficult few days. I am grateful beyond mere words.

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