Distant Voices

Almost there now

In the unbegotten,

A time or two

Should see to history,

Nearly over

Voices vague, forgotten,

 A spell or two,

Absent magic, invisibility.

Lessons learned there,

Uncertainly remembered,

Mistakes repeat,

Repeat, repeat, forget,

Hold the moments,

Abstinence to treasure,

Voices distant

Not quite unforgotten yet.


8 thoughts on “Distant Voices”

  1. This is enchanting. Although I am not sure I completely got what you intended here. To me it very beautifully talks about the voice of our conscience and gut which is usually ignored by us. The absence of magic and miracles in our lives is probably because we fail to see them. I hope I was able to do justice to your amazing work.


    1. There were a few thoughts on the theme running through my mind in the writing of this. Our unique histories, our shared history, the desire to forget some, the need to remember, our perceptions on hindsight of both. Thank you, Prateek, for giving so much consideration to the piece and seeing other strands. You do me a service in the thought.

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      1. You shed another light, Prateek. I think interpretation of poetry, as so many things, is subjective and there may be many strands beyond what the writer even intended – at least consciously. Now I have another interpretation within the body of the poem. So thank you once again.

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