Masked And Dangerous

Right, having another bash at the mask shenanigans. While sitting in sunshine is far removed from the following it seems helpful in mashing the brain a bit.

Onwards by carriage, in cabin alone, pulled

by four horses, unknown maiden was borne,

masked and unseen, so she thought, as she rode,

unheeding of eyes trained on traversed road.

Forested hideout masked predator there,

man of some mystery, hidden in lair,

lying in wait for rich treasure to claim,

stand and deliver, his call, with no name.

Rode he to hounds in the day but by night,

donned cloak and pistol, visage kept from sight,

surprising all journeys along forest path, 

tonight, no exception, ever ready to grasp

bejewelled and bedazzled from carriages fine,

heard wheels approaching, areckoned apt time.

Midnight it was as he forced to a stop

carriage before him, at last strike of bell clock,

beckoned insider to part with her gems,

waved pistol wildly, guarantee of amens,

when out from the carriage, from cabin enclosed,

stepped lady lightly, more pale than white rose

with lips of rich red, aplumped they of blood,

sparkled of eyes where ruby did flood,

dazzling more brightly than riches he sought,

intentions unravelled, his plan came to naught.

Caught on the highway, predation to prey,

bit down she first then robbed as he swayed,

devoided of treasure, blood soaked, fell to ground,

while black plumed, her stallions, urged homeward bound,

back to her layer, her coffin in keep,

castle of masks, batted eyes, six feet deep.

Tattooed the hooves, same to face from her bust

suffused now with pigment of redded blood lust.

Beware the highway, deliver if asked

though man, masked for moment, lies dead to the task

erred in the path of the woman he chose,

asleep till tomorrow, masked once more as pale rose.

Nope, so no romance here either, per se. Right, this is getting beyond the pale, so to speak. I can’t write a love poem around masks? What gives? Masked encounters bring out the deadly in me? Who knows. But this was fun. I think I may have cackled at the end. Sitting in the sunshine cackling.

Maybe third time will be the charm. I’m not giving in. In fact, I’m really enjoying finding out where masks take me. Masks are fun. Like acting. Only better. No stage fright.

Seriously (or not so seriously!) link in in comments so I can enjoy your masked adventures. Mark has sent in one that I’ll post to this here blog after I’ve stopped writing today. Umm, might be late, Mark. 😉


19 thoughts on “Masked And Dangerous”

  1. Isn’t it almost an otherworldly feeling when the words have sway and the end result is pure genius! Bravo, loved it.


    1. They definitely went their own way! I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, right enough, not quite sure where I was heading. Thank you so much for reading and for such a positive comment. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Finish your little foray into the mask momus, it is getting interesting 🙂
    It seems to be giving you an ability to ‘let your hair down’ and really fire the imagination.
    You may be allowing yourself to come from behind a mask and open without fear of censure. You don’t have any fantasies of dominatrix’s, do you? Masks, leather, whips etc 😀


    1. You been poking about in my wardrobe?! I nearly scaled my coffee then! I thought I was all but finished with the masks but you’ve given me fresh food for thought. I’m now mentally listing all the characters of fiction who wear them and speculating some more. A little imagination goes a long way. I’ll let my mind wander. 🙂


      1. Blushing because his mask has slipped!
        Btw, did you want comments off in your mask post? It’s set to off but I don’t know if that was intentional or what. I know it happened with another of your posts. Let me know and I can change it. Then you can field questions and comments about liking masks! 😛

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      2. lol…I nearly wet myself, that was good. But what have I done, let you into the deeper recesses of your mind ma’m…or should I say madam 😀
        This could go on forever…you need a rumour about a politician or two 🙂

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