Masked And Uninvited

Pale feathers shielded eyes inked black with passion,

kohled, surrounded satin,

smouldered spark,

templed pulses, throat betrayed, with flutter, fanned desire,

silk neck adorned of pearls

clasped at back.

Fingers fussed release at all tight fastened,

white robe of velvet shuffled,

heaped to floor,

corset fumbled urgent fascination,

lips and hands possessing hearts’ desire, 

possessed, possessor, pleading each for more.

Mask and heels and stockings still bedecked while

flashing eyes and stumbles

tripped to bed,

semi-dressed for ball, quite uninvited,

normalised by marital,

newly weds!

Okay, this might count as ‘mask with romantic‘ if I wasn’t extracting the Michael a bit. Just a wee bit. Time to get out of the sun, I think. Too much fun in the sun to be had with masks. Must get a visor…


9 thoughts on “Masked And Uninvited”

  1. Ah! The passion with which it is written shouts through the poem. Loved reading it. I always feel after reading a few awesome people’s poetry that how can someone actually express so beautifully. You are at the top spot of the list for sure 🙂

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    1. Dabbling with the erotic. Sounds like a plan! Although I’ll put it down to an active imagination, touch of the sun. And too much time on my hands. Happy school hols, Chris! And now to get back to housework and imagination. 🙂

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