Masked Surprise

This went waaaay off where I was going with it at the start. I fancied a romantic meeting at a masked ball. Fate took a hand. And well, she had other ideas.

Fate had planned their meeting,

How they laughed as they arrived,

Collected motley strangers,

Unsuspecting aught contrived.

Bedecked in costumed finery,

Masks upon their eyes,

Ambience electric

As all hid behind their lies,

Flattered to be asked there,

Dressed one and all as spies,

Agents, Mata Haris,

Sleuths renowned as wise,

Yet none detected counterfeit

In ticketed surprise,

Flirted, danced, now targets,

Fate held them compromised.

Twirling as they partied

They missed their own demise,

Revealed, at last, behind each mask,

Dead already in their lives.

Spied parties to eternity,

No one hears their cries,

Double lives no more concealed,

Fate held mask’d surprise.

I mean, wtf! I wanted romance, I got death. Bloody charming. I might give the romantic version another bash. What can I say? I like the idea of masked encounters.

Fate can bugger off.

If you fancy a bash at writing something based on masks, I’d be delighted if you link in comments so I can visit and read what fate does to your version. Or perhaps you have more control over her than I do. (Shh! Don’t tell her I said that. She’s soooo contrary.)


8 thoughts on “Masked Surprise”

  1. Lol! Weans! She’s quite right though -it wouldn’t work so well with a princess mask. 🙂 (Where could I get a tiger mask, btw, Brenda? For my daughter, you understand.)


    1. It says, ‘Dont eat Cadbury’s eggs before bed.’ Or, possibly, ‘She’s a feckin’ nutter!’ Take your pick. Just don’t pick the ones with the cream inside. They’re all mine. 🙂

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      1. I hadn’t even been asleep at that point! Cheese – love it – but daren’t late at night. Unless with copious amounts of wine. One sees to the other in the dream stakes.
        I’m swearing off chocolate for the rest of the day too. Unless the kids leave any lying unattended. Tidying up. 😉


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