Ought To, Need To

Ought to be more than mere feelings

Ought to feel more than an urge

Ought to serve something more than the self

Ought to resist, need to purge

Penchant for serving mere mammon

Proclivity for take and take more

Ought to give back, need to give in return

Need to even the score.

Ought to vest interest in many

Need to voice justice the same

Need to do something, we have to,

To be worthy of human

In name.

Ought to look to the future,

Need to see to the kids,

Ought to remember our parents,

Need to do what they did.

Need to consider the options,

Ought to speak out, ought to vote,

Need to acknowledge there’s much more at stake

Ought to know that by rote.

Need to relive the lies told

Ought to remember result,

Need to do more than shrug shoulders

Need to read up and consult.

Need to recollect rights here

Ought to reckon responsible too

Need to quit saying nothing changes

Ought to matter to you.

Ought to get on with the housework

Need to remember each task

Ought to and need to, quite different,

Must remember whenever I’m asked.

Need to go now and cook some,

Need to is my middle name,

Ought to is in there as well though,

I guess we’re something the same.

Human with plenty of options,

The ought to’s, the needs and the must,

In it together, we all are,

Need to go now and do what I trust.

Ought to be cleaning, I told you,

Ought to but I have a choice,

Need to’s a whole other matter,

Need to needs to be voiced.


8 thoughts on “Ought To, Need To”

    1. Don’t we all, Cole. I had to kick my own butt to get back to the cleaning. Mind wanders too much when hands are busy. Scratch that. Mind wanders, full stop. I’m trying to keep a balance on the political front at the moment as some bits are getting my goat. Nothing new there then. :/ I hope you’re doing fine.x


    1. No one can, smarty pants. But I’ll give it a try.
      I’ve been cleaning all day here
      With elbow grease and a sponge
      Everything’s sparkling and shiny
      And not one bit of orange. :/

      Big fat lie, anyway. Steam cleaner and microfibre. And a touch of orange in the kitchen. 😛

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      1. Sorry momus, couldn’t help myself 🙂

        An orange rhyme

        It is a tad difficult my friend, finding a word that will rhyme
        For a fruit of all things, not nary a word that will bind
        But amazingly there is a place, that this sacred word can be found
        Just go to bloody old Australia, in a language they use by the pound
        There it is called by accent, for the fruit that is an orr-inge
        But I’m afraid in your lovely dialect, it may only infer a sad cringe
        So it’s only in Aussie language, that a rhyme can rightly be told
        About a grand old marvellous lady, an orange if I may be so bold

        😛 ^^’

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