Clay Mask

Another take on my theme of masks.


clay dried, kilned, hardened,

rigid, unmoving, caught


statue unbroken,

but wait,

what’s this,

a crack.

tremor lines,



crouched statue separating from the man,

shards fall,



where spirit hidden,

essence unconcealed,

stood tall.


7 thoughts on “Clay Mask”

    1. You’ve never let your wife or weans give you a facial, Paul?! An experience not to be missed!
      First, the clay.
      Then the jokes.
      Try to keep a straight face.
      Never works.
      But fun trying!
      I can feel one coming on now my chores are done. Glass of red is obligatory.
      Go on. You know you want to. 🙂

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  1. Maybe it is about the mask we all wear, in some ways. Food for each of us to think about. Every time one cracks, it is time for a new one and maybe at last , for none at all.

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