Her Gift

I had the privilege, 26 years ago, almost to the minute, of giving birth to my first child. I had the privilege today to spend all day with her sharing a wonderful gift given by her fiance who, in his love for her, chose to share the gift with me. It was a special day, luxurious and relaxing. In her company it was a perfect day. Her presence, from that first 14th April has been a gift that keeps on giving. My daughter, Claire-Frances. An angel. With a wicked sense of humour. We had the best day. Almost as good as 26 years ago for me. And much less pain!

I did not know,

Could not have known,

This day repeated long ago

Would come like this,

Would see the cherub,

Woman grown.


Angelic then,

Still angel now,

That pure of heart, retained,

With humour’s spark

A flash of time,

And how


Embraces love,

My girl, this friend,

Is love embraced,

Surrounds her as a halo,

Delighted then, in giving gift,

Delighting without end.

13 thoughts on “Her Gift”

    1. Thanks, Beth. I’m very lucky with all of my crew – all seven of them! I can hardly believe it all started 26 years ago. I must have been eating toast and drinking tea round about now. 🙂


  1. And a beautiful connection it is momus. Now you just go off to bed after getting all tired out, and allow HER to now tuck you in and put you to sleep after a long day.
    How’s that for coming full circle 😀

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