Chill, Mr. Man

Hey, anger,

Slow right down

And breathe…

Deeper now, that’s it,


Chill, anger,

Let it go,

That weight…

See, anger,

Better ways

To pass the time,

You’ll be fine,

Now just breathe…


Hey, mister, heart

Can’t take the constant strain,

Uncross your eyes,

Your legs,

The frown,

Climb down…

Hey, mister,

Don’t look at me that way,

It’s only sound advice,

The facts…

Hey, mister

I’ve got your back,

Hey, man,

Stick a flower in,


And breathe.



10 thoughts on “Chill, Mr. Man”

  1. Fecketyfeckity, I know! Where does it go? All sorts of grateful here for the fortnight but, good grief, it flies. So many plans unfulfilled. I need at least another week just to think about them. 🙂

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