Rest With The Angels

pale soft diffusion

steady, slow, to timely chirps

dreamland fades to morn

absorbing stillness

subtle changes filter shades

peace awakening

perfumed oils pamper

paced luxury kneads to sleep

rest with the angels

Prescription needed!

Spa days cure insomnia,

Doctor in the house?


4 thoughts on “Rest With The Angels”

  1. Probably adrenal exhaustion. Light exercise like a walk in the afternoon, a bath, followed by some meditation for 30 min. And remove anything that fires you up (even wild poetry 🙂 )
    Get that going as a habit and you’ll retrain the adrenal to only fire when it’s needed, not in a constant trickle that leaves you constantly exhausted but fired up.
    Oh, and remove anything that is a constant stress…like school children 🙂 And if they are a problem…you need a holiday 🙂
    Hope that helps momus, and I’m sorry, no alcahol. It leaves the body struggling at night to detox and leaves you exhausted because your still got all the days yucky bits still on board. That’s why the hangovers feel so bad 😀

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    1. So, basically, what you’re saying is:-
      * My yoga helps.
      * Baths help.
      * Exercise, of the non-exciting variety, helps.
      * Weans don’t.
      * Wine doesn’t.
      * Ditto whisky.
      * Coffee’s probably a no-no.
      * Scratch the chocolate.
      * Purge impurities – in deed and thought!
      Yeah, this sounds like a plan I could work with.
      So, my gallons of lemon water helped yesterday. But not the glass of wine and the dod of mature cheddar before I went to bed. I was hungry!
      I shall now endeavour to pack in teaching, book a holiday in the sunshine and abstain from all excitement.
      I’ll start with the water. I drink way too much coffee. But not nearly enough alcohol to get a hangover.
      My body is a temple!
      A bit ruined in places but worth visiting!
      Sorry, Mark, you give me so much ammo. 😛
      But I have listened and I’ll do my best. Promise. 😉

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      1. I knew I shouldn’t have loaded the gun 🙂
        Ok, lets start from scratch…lose one thing at a time…then you’ll fall asleep, probably from boredom 🙂
        And I reckon your temple is always worth visiting momus. Mmm, and I’ll leave that comment right there 😀


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