Harlequin Lost

Right, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone here so behave yourselves, you hear.

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem/song entitled ‘Harlequin‘ that Johnny Ojanpera read and liked. As it happens, he had just written a piece of music entitled ‘Lost’ and thought it would make a good background to a spoken piece.

Well, my weans, being who they are, said I sounded soft reading to music. I took that to mean like Telly Savalas talking along to the picture song. You know the one I mean and I can’t be jacksied looking it up. So many insertions to make here as it is.

So I’ve ended up doing a sung version of my poem adapted to fit the length of the wonderful music Johnny so generously provided, just one of the many beautiful pieces he has composed.

If you think you may have preferred the Telly Savalas version after hearing this, tough! Be thankful you didn’t get the video version. 😛







39 thoughts on “Harlequin Lost”

  1. Well done momus, and you were brave enough to step outside your comfort zone to boot.
    But bugger, I’m going to have to buy your album as well as your books now 😀
    Is there anything you can’t do? 🙂

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    1. If I ever finish one or the other! I’m such a dabbler in everything, Mark. Jack of all trades comes to mind. Able at many things but expert on none! Do you need any wallpapering done? Can build you a mean piece of flatpack furniture. Know my way round any number of tools but the results might wobble a bit. Focus is what I need. 😉


    1. Thank you for listening, Willow. I’ve listened to a number of Johnny’s tunes and they all have a certain quality that captures. This one was no different. I’m so glad he sent it and that you enjoyed the results.

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  2. I want the cool winds of April to carry with him my warmest thoughts and in my soul spring blossom into a smile on your face and a fericeasca you even for a moment!

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  3. I love it momus… What a wonderful combination and going out of your comfort zone… Yes you are an inspiration… Showing we can all… do it all… Thank you for the sweet music this morning… Barbara

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    1. Thank you, Barbara. I do think fear or lack of confidence can keep us back from trying/doing so many things. Life’s too short not too take a deep breath and a few risks. Might try paragliding next! 😉


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