Fixed Fascination

He waded puddles,

She paddled pools,

He practised stringent,

She broke the rules.

He never questioned,

She answers so denied,

She wept in buckets,

He grieved while dry-eyed.

He loved the movies,

She found her films in books,

He doubted everything,

She believed in spooks.

He trod a measure,

She went where angels feared,

Opposites in many ways

Yet love lived, always near.

He travelled inwards,

She ventured out,

Alternating circumstance,

Always there was doubt.

But constant was the keeping

Of the fascination fixed,

Dots connected details lost,

Oil and water mixed.


5 thoughts on “Fixed Fascination”

  1. Beautifully written momus. Sounds like all our relationships in one way or another.
    Always testing, but with a love to guide us, bringing us out of our shells at each and every chapter of our lives 🙂

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