Cairds Marked

Och aye, awa’ wi’ ye!

the likes a’ youse

that party oan oor backs,

think we cannae function,


excuse ye use

tae ride tae hell an’ back,

a union! ma erse it is,

a semblance,

folk aw ower

fucked afore they start,

bastarts fae the bullions

an’ their minions,

a shower a’ wankers

weaned tae it.

Cairds marked.




Vicious unsheathed, self deliver,

Stilleto, surely, primed for blood,

Unmerciful, the act disturbed,

Barb inveigled without quiver.


Swift, ‘tween slats of ribs, a sliver,

Appointed mark, he missed, perturbed,

Vicious, unsheathed, self deliver

Stilleto, surely primed, for blood.


Rondel, coup de grace, with shiver

Stab penetrated, vented flood,

Erred of endeavour ev’ry word,

Mortal wounds, by mouth, the server

Vicious unsheathed self, deliver,

Stilleto, surely primed for blood.