Life Choices

You have a choice to make, my son,

though choices may be stark,

to sleep the depths of virtual life

where no man makes his mark,

or wake each day to risen dawn

and shine, renewed by light

a choice, my son, though only one,

face the day or night.

You have a choice to make, my girl,

though choices may be few,

to languish lost in lethargy

where life is drained from you,

or risk the day, the challenges,

partake as one who dares

a choice, my girl, advising you,

live as one who cares.

You have a choice to make, my friend,

to urge the breath in you,

as death creeps slowly while you live,

one choice, or maybe two,

to be alive though life may dole

the hardships deigned to doom,

there’s light outside, my friend, your choice,

to give the rays more room.

I’ve had choices all the way,

many choices yet,

none undone, for chosen way

must live with all regret,

choices lived, forgotten,

while choices lost remain,

chances, choices never used,

to live or to abstain.

8 thoughts on “Life Choices”

  1. Beautifully worded ! The choice is always ours to a great extent. So true ! You never fail to spellbind. Its good to be back on wordpress and be a witness to your adorable thoughts. 🙂

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