Telemachus Told Me

Telemachus told me, with travel weary woe,

While passing through, soul searching,

His hero long ago.

Telemachus told me of suitors in homestead,

How urgency had led him

For mother’s love and dread.

Telemachus told me Penelope knew fear

But plotted course and kept the faith,

Wished her lover near.

Telemachus told me, by light of nightly fire,

Of lessons learned on journey,

Of squatters, she with ire.

Telemachus told me of Calydonian Boar,

Of how the men believed no girl

Could vanquish cursed chore.

Telemachus told me of woman, godly blessed,

Atalantic powerhouse

Dedicated to her task.

Telemachus told me of father’s clever plot,

Of how he guided arrow through

So many with one shot.

Telemachus told me how Homeric tales from yore,

Battles, choice and consequence

Still visit every shore.

Telemachus told me, his name upon my lips,

In dreamland scapes of valued fleece,

Of heroes, heroines and ships.

Telemachus told me that myths are sometimes true

And legends made from bravest acts,

So now I’m telling you.

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  1. We need to be reminded of Homer from time to time, lest we forget, lol. This poem is so full of rich imagery and meaning, I think I will print it and put it on my bulletin board!

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