Traffic Jam

I keep missing comments and fond familiar voices,

Apologies to all concerned,

In time-restricted choices.

Another week of trafficking in all their dirty tricks

Should see me back to normal,

Far removed from politics,

At least on board to reading other stuff but guff,

Honest to god, now passed my chin,

Nearly had enough.

Some light romance, some music, a video or two,

Some photographs, a few more jokes,

Anything would do.

One more week, well, less in fact, then, bugger, I’ve reports,

Twenty-six, my darling kids,

Progress, tricks, endeavour for six-year old cohort.

Pretty soon, as time will tell, I’ll get to browse again,

Until then, apologies

For bypassing bloggy friends.


4 thoughts on “Traffic Jam”

    1. I just can’t let it go, Mark until the day decides one outcome or another. After that there’s a whole new battle on our hands by the looks of things.


  1. Hehe until you keep writing such sweet words with the flavor of your experienced thoughts, I don’t think there’ll ever be a need to apologise to your readers. Your writings are making my day, as they always do ^_^

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