As expected

a child was born

healthy and bouncing

such joy

parental pride

as nature intended

regardless of sex

girl or boy

A child with a future

to be guided with love

to be nurtured


to serve

One with the world

as all children

should be

no less than

birthright deserves

Alas there is trouble afoot

in this world

entitlement squiffed

and askew




so old




delights in birth new

teaches children

Be Brave

Be Loving

Be Bold.


9 thoughts on “Be-coming”

    1. While I’m sure that’s true for most parents, Paul, regardless of political persuasion, the sad fact is that the Conservatives here have an ongoing record of caring less for anyone else’s but their own. We have felt it here under every administration of theirs with policies that serve parts of the UK better than others and some people more than most. Sadder still, truly effective opposition was absent elsewhere to redress the balance. Interesting days ahead for all our children.

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      1. we have the same kind here – but, not to sound trite, I strongly believe in a compassionate conservatism – above all else should be the uncompromising care of our children – ALL of them


  1. A victory, and yes, there is always hope, but I can’t help feeling that the ‘new-born’ will be treated like a Victorian child and be ‘seen and not heard’.
    Personally I think that the opposition somewhat shot themselves in the foot, which, given that the media has nearly toppled over (its lean being so far to the Right), was the last thing that was needed.
    Keep pushing!

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    1. I truly feel for all the inhabitants of these isles, Chris, that the Tories won a majority. I agree that the opposition shot itself in the foot. Political and media-induced fear of SNP to try and hold ground outwith Scotland did Labour no favours but neither has abandoning principles on which Labour was founded. Not called red Tories for nothing. I think if SNP were not so named and had a ticket to stand anywhere the result may have been somewhat different. They represent what Labour once did, a voice for ordinary people. So pushing for that is what will be the way forward. ‘Seen and not heard’ is not an option.

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    1. I know, Beth. There are worrying days ahead for many people and, I fear, further hardships for those teetering on the edge. It feels like a vote for selfishness and fear. All the more reason to keep on fighting.

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