All In The Stars

There are stars in the sky and they’re shining for you

The way that I wished them to do

And, though some are falling, releasing the spell,

The lights of the others hold true.

There are rays so fantastic directed on you,

That’s all that I hoped they would do

And though you can’t see them, averting your eyes,

Their heat must be felt through and through.

There are dreams in their beams empowering you,

That’s all that I dreamed of, it’s true,

And though disbelieved as some sleepers awake

I’ll keep on wishing and dreaming for you.



7 thoughts on “All In The Stars”

    1. Thanks, Daniel. I love the stars too. I’m sorry I haven’t been in and around your place. Life’s been a bit hectic this while back and I’m missing most of my favourites. Although I have the notifications saved. I shouldn’t even be on here just now but taking a breather from writing school reports! After next weekend things should slow down. I think. I hope. :/ I hope you and yours are doing well.

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