Russian Roulette

This came as a song. Think one guitar, husky voice and slowish tempo. Or make up your own. I’m very democratic. 🙂 And I can’t quite get politics and the short and long term effects of austerity on so many people everywhere out of my head. 

Facing life’s rouletted wheel

Down barrel of a gun,

Bullet to the head would do,

Spent days nearly done.

Emptiness and hope devoid

One missile, once deployed,

Would end the pain, she can’t sustain,

Escape into the void.

He’s swept for mines upon his path

And joked at losing all,

Limbs and life and, lastly, hope

Prepared to take that fall.

A quicker blast than endless shells,

Wary everyday,

He’s the guy who’s being passed by

While gamblers poke and play.

Daughter, son, can’t be outdone,

They’re watching every stroke,

Nitro in their nostrils,

Aware they’re butt of jokes.

Nothing left to lose, they guess,

As parents lose their lot,

Power fracking system,

Systemic in its rot.

Grab the keys, on automatic,

Stakes higher than you know,

Hope berefted diffidence

Finds courage as it grows.

Dismal fog but headlights gleam,

Truth or dare the game,

No gamble on the future

When death and life’s the same.


8 thoughts on “Russian Roulette”

  1. A-M- so powerful- and reflective of my current state of mind (check out my comment on Beth’s latest post, if you want further proof).

    I’ll be thinking about this while I do some (hopefully cathartic) cleaning in advance of the long weekend.

    Enjoy yours! xo

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    1. Enjoy yours too, Cole! I checked Beth’s post out although I shouldn’t have let myself get waylaid. Well and truly when I realised my comment was running into a post! I cut it and saved till I’ve got time to do it justice. What are we three like! It’s a shame to waste three houses on us, as we say. Beth thinks we should get together and pool ideas. I’m up for that and I’ll bring the red wine or whisky if you haven’t lost your taste for a tipple. Thanks too, for the Mother’s Day wishes. I’m behind on emails as well as reports! Hugs and love to you. Now go get that weekend and let the housework cry for attention. It’s going nowhere. 🙂 x

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      1. Lol. No- I’m always up for a tipple. I honestly think the three of us could do some real damage to the status quo, given the opportunity. Separated at birth, for sure.

        Cleaning got done- so I don’t have it hanging over my head (lovely feeling, that) and we moved my mid-sister into Dad’s condo this morning/early afternoon. So I’m feeling quite virtuous- and more than ready for that tipple. The sun is shining and the temperatures are back to a respectable May 2-4/Victoria Day weekend- so there will be patios galore for the next couple of days at least.

        Hope the reports are going well- my wee-sister would be in a similar state- except elementary school teachers are working to rule hereabouts… gov’t trying to undermine them yet again. Sigh. That’s a rant for another day…

        Must make a plan for all the world-conquering, soon. Toronto’s sort of the mid-point between Glasgow and Cali… just saying 🙂 Although I’m not sure it would take much to persuade me back to your neck o’ the woods… and Beth’s hang-outs, as she describes them, are quite tempting indeed….


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