Across Thresholds

There are words that we recall,

their promise fleeting,

veil, once lifted, vanished

as intent,

mercurial, they missed their capture,


lost in moments’ madness

though well-meant.

There are words we’ve never heard that speak

more truly,

caught in throats, in hearts,

that rarely vent,

carried in that meditation,


transmitting more

than all sound ever spent.

There are times the nothing speaks

a thousand voices,

meanings pluralised,

sublimely sent,

demystified, these murmurs,

among noises,

drowning out, in muted,

letters lent.

There are words we sometimes wish

we’d never uttered,

some there are we wonder

why we heard,

as those that find their way,

in silence stuttered,

cross thresholds,

sublimating word for word.


6 thoughts on “Across Thresholds”

  1. Ah ! The words classified into magnificent word-play. They can be mere words or words with meaning. Amazingly written. I have never read your poetry just once because as soon as I finish reading it, I have to go back to the beginning as there is so much written between the lines.
    I especially loved the lines where you depicted the voice of nothing. This is something that is usually ignored by the audience while the speaker of nothing has so much to convey. Brilliant, as always 🙂


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