Soon Mellow

Soon rest mid cups of yellow

gloss reflected on pale skin

emergent freckles smile return

while bees drone by with grin

a hazy sort of lazy,

side-ordered with content,

soon rest with me in meadows

where all summer days are spent.

Soon tickle chins with charming

belles, these buttercups,

simple yet disarming

lemon drops that raise me up

soon, so soon, the green grass,

with wild flowers blooming there,

will tremble friendly mellow cups

sun-dappled in breezed air.


11 thoughts on “Soon Mellow”

  1. Do I detect a warming of the weather, a glass of some fine wine and laying on a blanket in a lovely field of flowers while the sun is beating down? No?
    Maybe watching some other heathen enjoying that luxury while your stuck inside, slaving away at the chores of life instead?
    Go on, just grab a bottle, steal some nibbles and tear out the door…who’s going to stop you? You?
    Set yourself free woman, damn the power of guilt and be free 🙂
    Oh, and when you come back half tanked, smiling giddily, I’ll deny all knowledge of this conversation 😀

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    1. Some heathen no doubt is enjoying my fantasy, Mark. But I’ve only got a few weeks till the holidays when I shall reclaim the reality. And all your fine suggestions. I’m more than happy to take the blame for any tanking that may occur. 😉

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