Nearly Naked

Shimmied off

her overcoat,

discarded carelessly, 

Blind to loss,

much more to come, 

leisured surety,

Layers peeled off, 


dropped in sauntered song,

Waved to distance, 


stepped she gaily on, 

Promenaded pointedly,


as she went,

Naked nearly, time waves back, 

wardrobe emptied,

clothes just lent.

2 thoughts on “Nearly Naked”

  1. Besides the naked bit, it must cost you lovely females a fortune for clothes in your lifetime.
    The poem gave me this lifetime vision of a woman’s life…multitudes of children’s clothes, teenage mini skirt angst, grown up classier attire to the oldies just getting whatever will fit.
    Cost a fortune when we should be running around naked…and then be able to afford to live on a tropical island…where you don’t need clothes anyway 🙂
    Great post momus…I’ll have to watch these visions I’m having though 😀

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