I know it can be a real pain in the posterior to listen to someone else’s music choice. Time. Always time.

Today I took time, had time, enjoyed time, rediscovered time , passed time, had a lovely time.


Hanging out in the garden with my kids. Twenty-two year old and I connecting. Doing shoulder stands on the grass with my eight year old. I was better at it. Just sayin’.  Thirteen year old ‘posing like a haddie’, being a thirteen year old with charm and exuberance. The rest of my crew were elsewhere.

We nibbled, sipped, giggled, talked about everything under the sun.

Mostly, it’s down to sunshine. It’s here! 24° ‘s worth. All bloody day. Right up until it started to cool but was still pleasant enough to sit out and enjoy. And when over? Well, the mood was already established. Move into the kitchen. Big kitchen. Sip, chat, music. Dance. Yoga moves. Hands down, I can do more than my kids. Any idea how life-affirming that can be to a 54 year old? Exactly!

I had to chase them from the kitchen to bed. I asked, ‘What song would you say captures this evening?’

Mary-Kate’s answer surprised me. All the moreso because I’ve been meaning to post this song for a few weeks.

It takes me back to a holiday when my eldest (one of the absent) introduced me to this duo. Maybe about ten/twelve years ago. Thereabouts. 

The duo didn’t hang about long. Difference of artistic direction, apparently.

I could yak on about the ins and outs of this evening but I won’t. Instead you might want to replace the details with details of your own. Those times when somehow – without apparent effort – everything about family just comes together.

The dou are Savage Garden.

The song ‘Affirmation’.

The words – probably the nearest thing I have to saying what I -and maybe many of us – feel about so many things.

And it’s pretty good for dancing to. Bendy yoga moves optional. But most enjoyable.

Today love and life and family is affirmed.

May you find affirmation in the words. And in your family. In your life.

If you have the time it’s worth a listen. The song is catchy. The lyrics – on screen – would be well worth adhering to as a credo.



29 thoughts on “Affirmation”

    1. It’s pleasant to rediscover ‘oldies’ even if they didn’t last long. I like the whole CD but it might have been the only one they made. Although maybe I just don’t know of any more if my daughter moved on to new likes at the time. I’ve been bombarded over the years with all their tastes. Though that works in reverse too. 🙂 x

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      1. Their first album (Savage Garden) is actually my fave- ‘I Want You’ is just one of those songs that makes me smile regardless of what kind of mood I might be in, otherwise. They only made two albums- but they were both worth a listen.

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  1. Did someone find the beating heart of the child within momus?
    It is good to just let go and follow that feeling inside us…until some idiot says, ‘when’s dinner mum?’ 😀
    Great post, brings back memories. (And I have to admit I haven’t heard that song before, very upbeat 🙂 )

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    1. Dinner was cold and portable and prepared to take advantage of the weather. Otherwise they would have to have seen to themselves. Sunshine waits for no one! My inner child needs to play in it. 🙂

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  2. You are a 14 yr old at heart my dear through and through…I truly enjoyed your sharing the afternoon with your children and that video is priceless. Huggggs x

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    1. Thanks, Oliana. I think the diversity of ages keeps me on my toes – 26 down to 8, I can’t quite sit back yet. Although I had a bloody good go at it today. Garden and sunshine to myself. Just needed the sea or a swimming pool and I’d have been heaven sent. 🙂 Hugs right back, missus.x

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    1. I don’t know about staving off the aging, Chris but yoga certainly does the bizz for keeping limber. Can’t have the wee shits running rings round me just yet. Savouring the look on their faces. 😉

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  3. First, thank you for the Autocide blitz–really appreciated. Next, very much enjoyed this, post, music and lyrics, and agreed with it all except for the karma in this life. I don’t see that happening much around me. I think most of the evil goes on and folks get away with it uninterrupted by any guilt, any bad karmic results noticed by them, so forth. While I do see good beget good, I also see lots of good actors get massive shite dumped their way, sheep to wolves. So, I’m glad I believe in an afterlife. I don’t want to speculate about what happens to those who choose to do wrong, but I have hope that those who try their best to do otherwise may have something positive occur, karmically–whether it be an afterlife, in the sense of heaven, or reincarnation as something better than a cockroach, or something else beyond me to imagine.

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    1. I was riveted by your account of the onset of Lupus, simultaneously horrified at evrything you described and amused at the way you did. A strange combo. I didn’t know what to say other than agree with what others had said.

      I think you’re right about the karma. Occasionally those who deserve a swift kick in the jacksie actually get it but too often they don’t. Maybe that’s why there’s a certain glee when we read about corrupt politicians/bankers etc finally being caught. And good people get dumped on all the time and seldom seem to get a break. It’s a wonder more people don’t just go for broke and damn the consequences.
      I like to think that, with or without an afterlife reward, good makes a difference and is worthwhile pursuing for its own sake.
      I believe in an afterlife of some sort although not reincarnation – a one time life here and then who knows.
      In the interest of maybe karma works I’m sending lots of good positive vibes your way.x

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    1. It’s by no means always sunshine and roses, JGi, as you can imagine. A fair amount of manure gets dumped from time to time to help the process along. 😉


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