One Under The Sun

We might have worshipped at this other temple

invoked fierce majesty and plead for culmination

twice each year

We might have blessed ourselves adorned in naked adulation

stroking burnished bronze in service

of its philanthropic flares

We might have rescued grief in selfless sacrifice

redeemed from darkness every corner shaded, sheltered,

bound to be impenetrable

We might have saviour’d chapters from our books

pardoned tired redeemers, partook of chalice

with neither sip nor greedy guzzle

We might have worshipped differently

with golden orb and gilded chariot

we did not

We might have reverenced all creation

as one under the sun

blinded, we cannot

13 thoughts on “One Under The Sun”

  1. So true! It pains to see those who for their petty political gains are able to blind us with hatred. Your beautifully worded poetry forces us to stop and think. Thank you for sharing. Hope the madness ends some day and we realise that we all are the kin of the same father 🙂 (I am sorry, I forgot the Scottish saying but remember the gist) 😀

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  2. Romantically speaking (as in the ‘Movement’), it would be nice to believe that Pagan times saw a more united and in-tune Humanity. Sadly I feel that our races desire to dominate has always divided us. Thoughtful work.

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    1. Absolutely, Chris. Perpetually blinded. Our inability to see/feel oneness has always been with us, I think, segregating as we do into restrictive camps and then subdividing again. We’re a fine crew at times, our own worst enemy.

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