Yoga does some weird stuff to my brain as well as to my body.

During relaxation tonight, on completion of the session, I lay on my mat and had the strangest sense of blowing a tiny bubble, like the kind you make from washing up liquid. It stayed close to my lips, as if attached, while I breathed and emptied my mind. I had the distinct feeling of the bubble growing larger, windows of the room reflected in pastels on its elastic surface until, with one last effortless puff, I entered the bubble, suspended in its own atmosphere, no gravity, like floating or flying. I was a tiny person inside this bubble. Me looking in at me. Very strange but incredibly soothing and peaceful. As awareness was brought back to the room I was gently delivered from the bubble which just vanished.

It sounds very ‘new-age’ or as if I was on something. But I’m too practical to be an old hippy and I wasn’t ‘on’ anything.

It was a pretty amazing place to be.

I felt wobbly after my delivery but the sense of it is still with me.

I wrote this as soon as I arrived home.

Barely parted pout to puff a tiny silent bubble shimmering invisibly so microscopic in its non-appearance just a touch of pink and palest blues reflected windows on its stretching skin slow expanding with each exhalation larger growing still attached at source as breaths fill deeper and begin the sinking into centre of a universe unseen elastic in its welcoming invitation to a deeper breath sufficient to expel the self into the globe now grown resumed the womb umbilically connected by a barely parted pout and puffs expanding to accomodate I’m inside out no pressure from lost gravity awaiting with each further in and out for bubble to returm my breath upon the rest and in completion then deliver me



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  1. That my dear friend is you connecting inward where all the love in the world is 🙂
    Why do you think people that do meditation walk around with a silly grin on their faces all the time 😀
    All the love and secrets of the universe are ‘in there’, enjoy your yoga momus, an inner connection in itself 🙂

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      1. Just don’t try to force it, it’s one of those things that it works best if you just let it go and relax….the reverse of what you think, and it will tickle your awareness when it thinks your ready. It’s us impatient humans that actually block it…not that I think your a zoom, zoom kind a gal 🙂
        Enjoy what your doing…yoga…and it will come knocking, and usually when you forget about it and it will take a delight in cruising in like last time.
        You might be pleasantly surprised momus, it already gave you a burst for this post, bubbles and all. I just enjoy the beautiful feeling that comes with it, anything else is a bonus 🙂

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      2. It was a hard going session, Mark, so maybe that’s why I zoned out so easily – I was glad to lie flat on my back! Sometimes it’s more difficult not to let thoughts pop in and out and wander about. But last night I just breathed and emptied and then the bubble appeared! Really quite spacey and lovely.
        My zoom-zooming is pretty much all day so by the evening I’m kaput except for my brain going nineteen to the dozen with all that’s still to be done, so it was great to switch it off so fully – even if just for a little while. I can’t believe I stopped doing yoga for so long when I like it so much. That and swimming. And dancing. And sleeping – when I get the chance! 🙂

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  2. I have so wanted to begin a yoga class but finances.
    the funny thing is I have memories of being younger and seeing myself from outside of myself. It’s odd but they are very strong memories. And I’m not a hippy or on anything either. I prefer other addictions. Like poetry and music and love. LoL

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    1. I was really lucky to get a place in this yoga class and it’s not so expensive. The teacher runs it in her own home – 90 minutes each session, £25.00 for a block of six (whether you go or not!) and there are only three of us so lots of individual attention to our practice.
      I think I’m something of an addict myself when it comes to certain things – poetry and music and love are pretty good addictions, Jesi. 🙂

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      1. I am definitely going to have to look into yoga classes here. I’ve been trying to do meditation on my own and it’s HARD. Definitely would need help with yoga.
        Yes, those are definitely good addictions, especially since I don’t watch a lot of tv. LoL And yarn. I have a terrible yarn addiction which I am proud to say I have under control now. 😉


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