Coming To Terms

From beginning to the ending

Though the time may be but brief

There is wonder in connection

In the parting no small grief

From the union tightly bonded

To the severing of ways

Histories that live on still

Though memories will fade

From moments of first meeting

To shy smiles fully shown

Through jokes and lessons jointly learned

Time has swiftly flown

And touched by one year’s loving

Their knowing in my heart

I’ll shed a tear one week today

When they and I must part

I’ll see them though in passing

And sometimes fully grown

The kids I’ve taught have taught me too

Offspring like my own

Families formed in term time

Terms have come and gone

Fostered for such little whiles

All children I have known

Simplicity and trusting

Their mischief and their smiles

From little lives the largest love

Greatest love by miles


That’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to the end of the school year. I’m sad, not daft!

9 thoughts on “Coming To Terms”

  1. When I was teaching I always looked forward to the end of the year and then missed it when it was gone, looking forward to the next. You expressed it so well, Anne-Marie.

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    1. I never actually miss it when I’m off, Beth but it’s always sad leaving behind a class you’ve come to know. I never know where I’ll end up so there’s always a sense of anticipation about the new school year. Three working days and counting. 🙂


  2. Lovely sentiment, Anne-Marie; if only reality were as sweet.
    True story: an ex-pupil came back to do some training two years ago. He brought with him his Year Six year photograph, and promptly reeled of the names of those who were or had been in prison. He was 21, they (the jailbirds) numbered 6 (from a year of 40 odd). Tough times!

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  3. They are beautiful…little horrors 😀
    It’s like love…so full of something so wonderful…but much pain as well.
    It’s how they deal with it all and I’m sure you’ve given them much wisdom to guide them onwards momus 🙂

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    1. So much is down to their family life, Mark, how it all turns out for them. They’re definitely not all angels but even the wee devils get to you. I’ll miss this class – they’ve made this year’s work a pleasure.

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