Hairy Musings

Purple streaks or maybe blue,

Time to choose alternate hue,

Raven black, mahogany,

Different colour, other me,

Could go blonde or platinum,

Rinse with pink or palish plum,

Auburn locks or pillar red,

Umpteen browns for mousy heads,

Silver, gold, such vast array,

Colour schemes to cover grey,

Numbered shades to join the dots,

Funny smells they mix in pots,

Could give in and let them grow,

Stubborn threads that want to show,

Older face with aging hair,

Either that or spread on Nair.

Ladies’ choice, much more than jig,

Could shave it off and buy a wig.

Sod that lark, for dress pale blue,

Think I’ll opt for four slash two.

Or maybe green.

I like green.

Looks good on plants.


5 thoughts on “Hairy Musings”

  1. My No.1 haircut put paid to all that momus. I just scratch my head when I get out of bed and it’s done for the day.
    Your poor ladies, an hour every day to look gorgeous, but you already are 🙂
    May your curls be straight or your straight be wavy…or grey bits take steroids…or your hairdresser only charge two dollars a go 😀

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    1. I once gave my husband a haircut. Was quite chuffed with it too till I tried to trim round his ears minus attachments, accidentally nicked (quite a bit) out of his hair and had to go for an up close and personal with the razor. It was summer though so he was nice and cool for a few weeks!

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  2. Love this! I am naturally blonde. But after my dad passed I went to a very dark brown which I hadn’t done before. When I show people pics of me with my natural blonde color the responses are interesting. Some like it and others think I look better in the brown. My oldest son who only knew me as blonde gets very upset if I don’t keep it brown. He says I have a completely different personality and I am more confident as a brunette. I’ve no idea. I’m still me. But I do feel sassier with the brown. 😉


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