By Purpose, By Joy

it is time

to gather

to filter and reduce

to expand

upon the joy

that ministers

to see wih clarity

free and freed from tumbled

thoughts and things

time to simplify

with touch of loving kindness

to self

to what has served

time to pleasure art

to clear the path

to creativity

it is time

by purpose by joy 

11 thoughts on “By Purpose, By Joy”

    1. I’m having a major clear-out, Mark, along those lines. If it doesn’t serve purpose or joy it’s being recycled. The weans and hubby better watch out! That Marie Kondo has really got something going on with her method. 😉

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    1. We’ll see if I’m still cheerful at the end of the process, Beth. I maybe don’t have as much wool as you (!) but I sure have too many things that need to go. 🙂


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