Advisory Reminder



Remind me 

not to give

too much

It hurts

like hell and back

Remind me

to remember

what’s enough

Remind me

to keep

parts hidden


not to over share

Remind me

to hold myself 

closer than I’m held

by those who take 

without a thought

to consequence

who leech 

the heart of

giving graciously

Remind me that hurting


And I’ll try to remember that

when next I’m asked

for asking’s sake

Remind me

else I always forget

as every giving fool

My advice to her and self

Remember to swat some b’s

before they land

or sting


10 thoughts on “Advisory Reminder”

  1. Thing is, this is difficult. I’m very much of the opinion that we broardly fall into two categories: those who are open, trusting and giving, and those whose lives are centered around themselves, closed and taking. I don’t think that this is always malicious, it’s just that that is the way that they are hard-wired. In the same way, despite one’s warnings to oneself, it is almost impossible not to look for the good if you belong to the former group.
    How to solve the dilemma…?
    This is a fine poem, and your chosen structure is very effective. I like this and will remind myself of it regularly!

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    1. Perhaps the only thing to do is to be more aware that there are those who will always take first and to decide whether you can consistenly give no matter how much it hurts. I know I have been a fool in this regard on numerous occasions. D’uhh! comes to mind. And I suppose that’s why I need reminders. Someone objecive who can point out what I miss in being too readily available to need. But, and it’s a big but, when I see my own kids (daughter, in this case) having ‘the shit ripped out of her’ by someone she feels it’s difficult to ignore, my advice to self takes on a whole new strength of feeling. Sometimes it’s only when someone else points out the obvious (malicious intent or otherwise) that we begin to see just how much some will take. And no matter how much of a giver you might be sometimes ‘no’ has to be the answer, difficult though it is. Another pair of eyes and ears at hand might be the answer, if we ever learn to listen and go against the grain. Dilemma indeed, Chris. I’m ready to intervene and not miss my mark! Take from me but not from the heart of mine.

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      1. You’re right, of course. Sounds tough for your daughter. Our son has a mate originally from school who went to uni and didn’t want to know our son or the crowd they used to hang out with. Comes back and he has this unseen sort of force and they are like the proverbial flies. All you can do is give advice and hope, eventually, that he sees it himself. You’d certainly do anything to protect your own.
        Suppose I’d better get back to some work now!!!
        Take care. Chris

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  2. OMG yes! please remind me too! This is so wonderful! It feels like me! Especially the over-sharing with the wrong people. Oh god I wish I could take that back but I can’t so it was hard to drag myself back from the last time….but I guess I learned a wonderful lesson! Still smarts though…a lot! 😀


    1. I’ll remind you if you remind me! 🙂 Maybe we never really change all that much what’s in our natures but a heads up now and again must help. Maybe. :/


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