Whose Eyes Weep



Yves at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie runs a daily writing challenge and I’ve enjoyed taking part in a few. The weekly Wordle challenge suggests twelve words, at least ten of which should be used to write about anything.

I saw  the words above and the following is what came to mind. 


Engorged on all that junk

each directed needlepoint a fistula

incinerating you from inside out

burning radiated channels

elation to deflation in your

diametric highs and lows

dwindling your stature

estimation in those eyes

watching helplessly your ass

hauled to every cheap bazaar

sick rendezvous to purloin

by all means

to scheme and barter

forgotten all forebodings of disaster

while your cantillations

protest all addiction

and whose eyes weep

11 thoughts on “Whose Eyes Weep”

      1. I really must try to do more of them as I like the way the random words conjure their own poem even on subjects that I wouldn’t necessarily immediately think of. I think I need to put MLMM onto ‘speed dial’ so I don’t miss the prompts – too easily lost in email overload. I might even have a go at some of the other days for an extra bit of challenge as they look very interesting too. Time to reorganise my inbox I think. 🙂


    1. Many thanks, Yves. I need to try and do a few more of them as they’re really enjoyable to write. I find it weird how the words almost suggest the theme themselves. And yet when I read the others everyone had written something so different from each other. It’s a great exercise. Thank you for the prompts. 🙂


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