Swept Away

Sweep into my room on feathered broom

and liquid silk that trails a million stars behind

Fly high into my sky where you and I

will know the colours of our minds

Play into my day with notes that take my breath away

Come love and find

a place beneath, beyond and through

an exhalation breathed anew

the power to push our explorations wide

On soaring feet we’ll dance and leap and meet

beyond the blindness that would bind

Where is that brush whose plummaged rush

and trailing silken threads of multi-hue

will lead and clear, restore from fear

create the true

I’m paused on noise, await with poise

the galaxies and other worlds you’ll take me to

I breathe the day

and practise sweeping come what may

16 thoughts on “Swept Away”

    1. The sun is shining and I’m reclining,
      Musing, chatting, sipping long cool drinks,
      Sweeping’s just fine in its right time
      But not today, Mark, I’m feeling much too fine. 🙂

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  1. This poem is full of wonderful sentiments, Anne-Marie, and the depth of love shines through.
    Stylistically, I love the internal rhymes you have created which give the piece a visceral feel. Lovely work!

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  2. I for one cannot wait until you have a book of these poems, and this one must be included. So lovely! “Liquid silk that trails a million stars behind” … just that line alone conjures the most elegant images.

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    1. Thanks, Beth. That was the one line that kept repeating to me yesterday and must have been working away in my subconscious overnight. Sometimes they do appear as if by magic while other times there’s a bit of work. Although it never feels like work. Knowing when to stop is the problem for me. In quite a few areas of my life actually! 😉


    1. Gawd, I remember this one. You had me singing along to it there. I’ve written a few that came with music as they definitely felt like songs. I even recorded one with someone else’s music who writes here on WP. He does some really ethereal material that kinda makes you float. Thanks for reading and commenting. I nearly ended myself laughing at your place last night. Thanks for that. 🙂

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      1. Thank YOU for visiting; especially when I never make it over to your place unless and until you do. I really enjoy my visits there when I do get over. You must have come out of your mum spewing verse, it just rolls out so trippingly.

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      2. No sweat, I’m finding it difficult enough just now getting the chance to catch up on comments let alone read many blogs. Always glad to have you visit whenever you can. 🙂

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