Bolus To The Bow



By callous caitiff,

his vessel, once unbroken,

lies scuppered, hapless

sapling of the tree it used to be,

scuttled by unshaven

problems spoken,

flotsam now, wincing

in accumulated debris.

Truckloads of this cargo

dumped, his token,

bolus to the bow, hard to swallow,

pithy points of view,

rictus grin was held

till hold was choking,

sunken by canonical

coordinates untrue.


12 thoughts on “Bolus To The Bow”

      1. The words? When I am reading/listening to music/tv I will jot words down. Whenever hubbie comes across an interesting word list he emails it to me. I also look up things like words with beautiful meanings and I get a daily word from I also use scrabble type word finders. I pick the rare or unusual words first usually 2 sometimes 3 and then the more ordinary everyday sorts of words. It is a feeling thing too, which I can’t exactly explain.

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      2. Wow! That’s a lot of work, although words don’t feel like work when you love them I suppose. I know what you mean about having a feel for a particular word and just hugging it to yourself when it does the job. 🙂

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    1. Well, I’d never even heard of caitiff before, Beth, and I don’t think it’s one I’ll be using too much in the near future although I love learning new words. Might write a politician and call him that though – depends on what they get up to next. Budget looming. More austerity measures on the way by the looks of things. They make me sick. OK, not going there. I’m trying to keep my politics a bit separate from my blog at the moment. I’m sure I must have sickened folks’ happiness for a while. Making no long term promises though. 😉


  1. I am curious whether you had a particular politician, pundit, or academic in mind when you wrote this.

    Very good.

    (Friggin’ WP made me sign in thrice to add this comment. Proof of my own huge ego that I stuck with it.)

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    1. Not really. I was just trying to fit the words into some sense and there are plenty of politicians and pundits who fit the bill in a sort of distilled version.
      I’m glad you persevered with your efforts to comment. I’m chuffed you did and they invariably make me smile. So thank you. 🙂


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