The Voice

There’s a voice that calls from way beyond the skyline,

I hear it sometimes in my sleep, my dreams,

It urges me to be the best I can be,

I fail a lot, I feel, or so it seems.

The voice believes in me and I don’t know why,

I believe in it because I hear,

Its repetition, loving me through silence,

Belies the notion I’m alone, it’s near.

It touches me with warmth and understanding,

It rescues me from doubts I hold inside,

The voice is reassuring and I welcome

Its confidence in me, celestial pride.

I scarcely recognise its tone, its tenor, 

It’s gentle, strokes my brow when I am weak,

It smiles sometimes, I hear that, I’m encouraged,

It nudges me to keep on, always still to seek.

I love this voice, it comforts me in waking,

In darkness and in dark nights of the soul,

I suspect it may be god or maybe just me

Loving self when temptation is to scold.

I hear it now, it’s smiling as I write this,

It’s nudging once again to just get on,

Do the best I can and pat my shoulder,

The voice of life and love that keeps me going.

Do you hear it, that still voice inside you,

Deeper down than anyone can reach,

Knowing you and knowing me, our voices,

The omnipresent ones that seek to teach.

12 thoughts on “The Voice”

  1. Sometimes difficult to hear amongst all the babble from competing voices (this makes it sound like Dissociative identity disorder, but I’m sure you know what I mean!). If we can grab hold, and we must, it is the only sure thing that will help us to evolve and be the best that we can, by which I think I mean be the best for others for whom we care.
    Somewhere in my head this all makes sense – hope you can pick out my drift!

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    1. Just read your post, Chris and it all makes perfect sense. I did think, when writing this, that folk would think I heard voices and needed a check-up from the neck up! But I like to think of it as NLP. I can reprogramme my tendency to be hard on myself. It’s something I’ve always done and I hate it. I’m not really a little ray of sunshine – I work hard on seeking out the positive in myself and in situations. Not always successfully, I might add. But I do believe that there is a core of me that is naturally positive and I just need to keep tapping into that when the world would depress the shit out of me! The vit D btw was a godsend. Sunshine vitamin, see? 😉

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      1. I can see how Vit D might be necessary in your beautiful (but damp and often dull) part of the world!!!
        I must admit to having to Google ‘NLP’, but I think that you are right, and it is difficult at times, to take belief in the positives within ourselves. The first step, I feel, is acceptance, and a willingness to to move forward.

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      2. I’ll have you know the sun is shining here today! OK, so it pissed down yesterday. Sunday was fine. Saturday was good. I think. Can’t remember much of it. 😉 I like to think it makes me flexible. Well, that and yoga!
        Vit D reaches the parts the sun can’t get to and NLP works a treat, (I tell myself!) More than prepared to listen to the positive voices rather than the naysayers – they depress the bejaysus out of me – unless there’s a bit of humour thrown in there to compensate. I have to laugh at life or I’d spend too much of my time greetin’. I think it’s called empathy – but it can be too much of a bad thing if it does no good to me or anyone else.
        Onwards and upwards. Going to oil the garden furniture now! And plant some lettuce. Did I mention vit D has given me energy I never knew I had? I really should have been born somewhere where the sun shines more. I don’t know what my parents were thinking about. Come to think of it, don’t want to. :/
        Hope you’re having a great day, Chris, and getting ready to run the gates soon. 🙂

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  2. Your words are like a rainbow momus…follow it…there is a treasure to see…and no, it is not in your imagination.
    It is designed to only respond the more you believe in self…you are attracting it by that belief. Perfect teacher, willing student.
    Remember those students that were always afraid to try something, no belief in themselves….that’s us in the beginning. After a while they gain more confidence…and they begin to blossom.
    Blossom away my friend, their is a whole new world to see inside there 🙂

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