Without Limits

In response to Tale Weaver #21 at Mindlovemisry’s Menagerie – the subject is Flight.


Long before the flight there was the light, transcendent suffusion, beckoning elimination of every other notion – abandon earthbound to simply bask in skies painted by invisible hands. How to place yourself into those hands, how to share in their mastery. Shades of light, tints and colours, tones of warm or cool, all and every, engendering just one desire. Be the light.

And flight was born.

To close your eyes, face uplifted to its source and spread the wings of mind, intent only on becoming one with countless other ones.

In mind there is no other place to be that wraps and weaves, so completely, one source with the other. Every eye that ever gazed upon a winged creation begged its share of such a joy and, when evolution let us down so badly, we found another way.

With the addition of one letter and a need to commune we poured our souls into the light and learned to fly without limits. 


15 thoughts on “Without Limits”

  1. Wonderfully visual post. The ending “we poured our souls into the light and learned to fly without limits.” aptly describes your contribution.
    Thanks for participating.

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  2. Beautiful, lyrical and thoughtful choice of words. Indeed this poem shines the light.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and doing some extra reading. You gifted my day (which is my 64th birthday) with delight (sorry-I really didn’t intent that as a pun, it just happened).

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    1. 😀 Many happy returns! I’m so pleased I found you on your birthday. I was enthralled reading some of your poems – you have a real gift for engaging the senses and capturing your perceptions uniquely. I’m looking forward to reading more from you and glad to have found you via this prompt. Many thanks for your knd words here. I hope you have a great day today. 🙂

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