Once more into that pain-encrusted valley,

Ancestral ghosts sought home another soul,

Shadows crept to grab, to wrench, to thwart life,

All fragmented, how to restrain hold.

Lengthened over landscape, into fields, swept,

Seeking innocence, own worst foe,

Captured, held on, fraught when others fought them,

Determined, devil-bent to not let go.

Saviours succoured, amen, every crevice,

Travelled nighttime roads while heavens poured

Spirit of all those who then, and now, have ever loved or will love,

Hands worked, hearts bled to balance, even score,

Banished shadows, chased to where they’d come from,

Ghosts sent packing, ventilated storm,

Purged and vanquished, battle won, exhausted,

From pain-filled valley, ancestral outperformed.