Bell Rock Lighthouse

There stands a beacon where a bell proved weak,

Voice to the voyagers in luminous speak,

Identity unique by pulse precise,

Guidance given where the sea hides vice,

Ragged rock with a tidal view

Dwelt below the surface, steered untrue

Were the vessels in their passing, as they hoped to pass,

Made safe in the knowledge cast by coloured glass.

Fires on the hillsides, pillars by the ports,

Candle flames for safe escort,

Antiquity to modern, lighthouse gave

Synonymous, eponymous, strobes to save.


14 thoughts on “Beacons”

  1. This is beautiful and vivid, Anne-Marie, and in a way is evocative of safe harbours and solace, a point of strength amid the storms of life. A place to return when the sea gets rough. Very calming and healing, to my mind.

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    1. Thank you, Beth. I had been talking to Rachel about loss, about my mum, about how it took me some time to fully comprehend that her unique light had gone, never to return even while, initially, for some months, there was still that expectation. Then the realisation. Cautioning about delayed reaction. Safe harbours and havens, those lights that guide were very much on my mind. Still so.xo


      1. But that is the thing, you do. As children we never admit to it, and do stumble around, but the morals and principles of who you are have been taken on board, trust me.
        Why do you think as we age our lovely people that are close to us, say, ‘your just like your mum’ 🙂
        You feel like clobbering them, but it’s true…even some of the bad bits, but that is our bits to work out.
        Take a bow, you are what you need to be….exactly!

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      2. Your words comfort me, Mark. I doubt myself after all that’s occurred. Like I must have done something wrong somewhere. Probably lots of places. Why the feck kids don’t come with a manual is beyond me.I guess we’re never done learning. But it palls a bit when the lessons are not the ones I was looking for. :/
        Thank you for your understanding, Mark. You have no idea the difference it makes.x

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      3. That’s the thing about these lessons, they are always 2 way momus…always. We are always stepping into the unknown.
        But the most important bit is that you have done the best you can with what you have within you….that is love…nothing can be done with more thought and heart than that.
        It will rock the boat for a while, but slowly it will form a new truth, a change in perception of what we think are important in our lives…and what really isn’t, and that is worth all the gold in the world because it reconnects what has been missing, and that is a closer connection within AND that in turn is given out to others.
        Big hug….breeeeeathe…and just go for a walk with family and just appreciate what is there. What could or could have been, is another world away 🙂

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  2. I always like the idea of a beacon of Light to guide us in many ways through our lives. Sometimes it is a lighthouse, a safe haven or a special person shining their light upon our lives. Great post and I agree with the word “comfort” used in earlier comment. Hope you are breathing easier after Rachel’s close call. ♡

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