5 thoughts on “Serenity Escapes”

    1. Just mulling the discrepancies in the pic, Chris, as eldest son heads off on further jaunts after only being back a couple of weeks. I think my kids are determined to keep me on my toes. Not that he’s a kid anymore, except in my eyes!
      You should be finished by now, I’m thinking? Happy days. 🙂


      1. Last day tomorrow! In the throes of moving rooms which is always a pain. Regarding kids, where would we be without them? Their antics always help to keep us young/ anxious! Our son’s off to Nottingham for a long weekend with a friends who go to uni there (for no discernable reason!) Peace and calm are over-rated! Hope all are well at your end.

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      2. You really want to ask, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ but I have to remember I did so much stuff myself that must have contributed to the grey hairs on my parents’ heads. It doesn’t make it easier,Chris, as you know doubt know, just puts things in perspective. A bit. Life goes on. Including holidays. 🙂 You must be so glad to be finishing. Looking after kids, teaching them, what a job!
        I hope you get better weather than we’re currently having. Crap, about describes our summer so far. We’re almost halfway through! Make the most of them. As if I need to tell you. 🙂
        As for your son, what is it my youngest sings (constantly, though abated) ‘Let it go’. I shall now go and try to follow that advice. :/

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