I’ve touched those words before now,

They reached and asked me to,

Tongued with tenderness their tone,

Words command of you,

Turned the pages where they live,

Leafed and loved them too,

When joy they’ve given, I give back,

The least that I can do.


Kissed some pages, slept with them,

They’ve warmed me when I’m cold,

Comforted or made me cross,

Even made me bold,

Bent o’er backwards when they’ve asked,

Given birth when told,

Filled in blanks and filled the blank,

A love that can’t grow old.


Books I’ve fingered stand the test,

Some I must let go,

A library that needs thinned down,

Released to let them sow,

Off to others, bid adieu,

True loves I can’t let go,

Logophiles know what I mean,

Words desire it so.


8 thoughts on “Logophile”

    1. It’s quite heartbreaking, isn’t it? Like parting with old friends. I’m trying to be ruthless, thinking of it as passing on the pleasure. Except the ones that really give me pleasure – they’re staying! 🙂

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  1. I keep buying them with all the intentions in the world of actually reading them…you know, those rainy days.
    Alas, my heart was true, but my time has been stolen by that thing that holds us all, bound us and keeps us in its straits……life!
    Or is that maybe because I don’t have one…. 🙂
    Great post momus, very sensuous, is that because book reading is a bedtime thing? 😀

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    1. It’s the way words and books make me feel, Mark. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of reading. I buy books because I can’t resist them but don’t always get round to reading them straight off. But there’s always that sense of anticipation, knowing I can coorie down at any point and get lost in the pages. And if it’s one I really enjoy I just can’t part with it – some I’ve read again and again just for the pure pleasure they give. Those will not be going to the charity shop! 🙂

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      1. A true lover of the world of books momus, and the ability to immerse into a story and share it like you are really there. I did, with all my dragons and adventures and thankfully I didn’t grow out of it as an adult.
        Um, I am an adult…..aren’t I? 😀


  2. I confess, I have hundreds and hundreds of books even though I have given the same number away. I find it hard to part with them, especially the old ones and those my grandmother and mother gave me. I wish there were one sure place where we could donate them and know they would be treated with due respect. Provocative, thought-stimulating poem.


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