No pics of me with Paul’s new book (Baldy looks better than I do first thing in the morning!) But he’s absolutely right when he describes this eleventh book of Paul’s – words from a gentleman and a fine poet – and a pleasure to read and hold. Congratulations, Paul. And go, Baldy, for being way braver than I am. 🙂


Sorry for poor picture, I just got up! Sorry for poor picture, I just got up!

Baldy is the proud owner of Paul F. Lenzi’s new book!  Apologies for the ‘mauled by goblins’ appearance, this bleary eyed pic was taken shortly after I rose and, lets face it, I’m not the prettiest person when fully conscious!  A huge thank you to Paul for the poetry.  I have long been an admirer of Mr. Lenzi’s writing, there are few as dedicated to the craft.  Even the dedication in his new book is poetic.  I am delighted and urge others to delve in to this creative masterpiece.

Small Noise, Existential Echoes is published by Stonewood Press.  I highly recommend following Paul on his poetry blog: Poesy Plus Polemics.

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